What I Hope To Cover

For my blog I intend to follow how the media covers controversial topics with a focus on sports.  I will strive to compare the quality of coverage both at a local level (sports talk radio programs such as Felger & Mazz, Dennis & Callahan, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, etc.) as well as on a national level with a focus on comparing the quality and depth of discussion that happens on major daily programs such as Around The Horn and First Take. I will follow two journalists that focus on the media specifically in Chad Finn of Boston.com and the Globe , and Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, and keep an eye on what they are covering. Ultimately, I hope to siphon through the “hot takes” on topics, and determine which ones carry weight and which ones are simply “click bait”.
For example, there will be  difference in the tone of a day time program such as First Take than their would be on a evening program such as Around The Horn. Through this lense I hope to have the ability to give my own opinion on what audience is being catered to, the depth and quality of the discussion, the weight of the opinions being given on these programs through my eyes as well as through the eyes of the target audience. Twitter, specifically the advanced search option, will be a very useful tool in getting a feel for what people are talking about.


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