Who To Follow?

Bomani Jones – Polarizing personality that has strong opinions on race, as well as races role in sports. Also, doesn’t shy away from entertaining trolls so that’s fun to watch play out.

Brian Stelter – Host of Reliable Sources on CNN, lead media correspondent on CNN as well. Always on top of current political happenings, seems to never sleep.

Chad Finn – Columnist for both Boston.com and The Boston Globe who has interesting columns and opinions on his beat. Very easy to consume.

Richard Deitsch – writer and reporter for Sports Illustrated that has a focus on media. Seems to have a particular focus on ESPN, often focuses on how they cover topics and treat controversy.

Jon Favreau – Former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, columnist at The Ringer. Doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion.

Wesley Morris – Critic-at-large for the New York Times. Often tackles race and culture as topics.

Charles P. Pierce – Political writer for Esquire Magazine, crosses over naturally into the realm of sports and frequently retweets other writers that are in the same lane as him.

Keith Law – ESPN writer who focuses on the MLB, but doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions on twitter.

Jason Whitlock – I can only take him and his hot takes in small doses, but I think he (willingly) plays the devil’s advocate and has been given a large platform at Fox Sports.

Mike Wise – Senior Writer at ESPN’s The Undefeated. Has a history of being outspoken on cultural issues pertaining to sports.

Pablo S. Torre – Senior writer for ESPN as well as a contributor on Outside the Lines as well as other ESPN programming. Harvard grad, formerly of Sports Illustrated, that has a history of diving deep into issues in sports.

Michael Lee – One of my favorite NBA writers, now at Yahoo by way of The Washington Post. I would expect some good coverage from him regarding the anticipated protests in the NBA this season.


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