A Night at Fenway

For four years Tim Mckeown has called the Grandstand 3-4 ramp his home and as the sun went down on David Ortiz’s career it possibly went down on Tim’s as well. With graduation in the near future, he will be seeking out a job in his field of Criminal Justice and the 2017 MLB season at Fenway isn’t a sure thing. Before the game, Tim said, “I would love to be back, but you know, I’ve got to see what else is out there. I hope it doesn’t end tonight.”

At the bottom of Tim’s ramp sits the Dunkin Donuts stand, the most popular stand in the Park during the cooler months of the season. The beer stands give Dunkin a run for its money but there are plenty of those. There are only two Dunkin Donuts stands in the whole park, and if you want that hot chocolate you will have to wait in some lengthy lines.

The Red Sox went on to lose by a score of 4-3 and David Ortiz’s spectacular career came to a surprising, and disappointing end.

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