The Silencing of Sevyn Streeter

USA TODAY –  Singer-songwriter Sevyn Streeter was scheduled to sing the national anthem ahead of the 76ers’ season opener against the Thunder, but that performance didn’t happen. Streeter tweeted a video where she said her anthem performance was stopped because of her “We Matter” jersey. She added that the order came from the 76ers organization.

 What is the NBA thinking here? This is just a terrible look. One day after the NBA rolled out their “Together” campaign the league goes and pulls this.  It seems as if it was a serious knee-jerk reaction by the 76ers management, one that they will undoubtedly regret.

One week ago, before a preseason game between the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers, Denasia Lawrence took a knee in the middle of the court during her rendition of the National Anthem. The hosting Heat claimed to be unaware of the gesture, and that type of unapproved protest is something that the NBA is looking to avoid.

How does this reflect upon the franchise? After being a witness to the unscheduled protest in Miami the 76ers, how could the team be so unprepared to deal with a situation that was in their control?  ESPN’s Bomani Jones was brief  but stern in his reaction to the blunder.

With a team that is compromised of 85% black players, the trickle down effect behind closed doors could be volatile but it is very likely this will remain behind closed doors. Simply put, this is bad look for the Philadelphia 76ers and more importantly it looks really bad for the NBA. At the same time that the league acknowledges their role in advancing conversation as they roll out a campaign promoting unity, they have silenced the voice of a civilian.


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