My Top 5 Boston Sports Quotes

This is a short list and usually, I hate lists, but here are my 5 favorite Boston sports quotes of recent memory. Enjoy the quick trip down memory lane, feel free to let me know if I missed your personal favorite.

1. “Malcolm go!” – Brian Flores

Two words. That’s all it took for Brian Flores’s voice to be etched in my memory forever. And to think that  I wouldn’t even be writing this sentence if the Seahawks just gave the ball to Marshawn.

I would run through a brick wall if Brian Flores told me to.

2. “But let me tell ya. Don’t let us win today” – Kevin Millar

The only thing that could make this quote better is if it didn’t include Dan Shaughnessy at all. But alas, I know I can’t get too greedy. Millar was one of many heartbeats of that 2004 Red Sox team and he couldn’t have been more on the money. If the Red Sox didn’t win Game 4, the greatest comeback in sports history never would have happened.

If the Red Sox didn’t win Game 4, the greatest comeback in sports history never would have happened. I know hindsight is 20/20, but the Yankees should have taken Millar’s advice.

3. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEE!!!!!” – Kevin Garnett

This one speaks for itself. For the first time in his career, and maybe the only time in his whole damn life, Kevin Garnett was TOO hyped up. The interview is short, but it packs a punch. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up the first 100 times I watched KG proclaim, “I’m certified,” after fighting back tears, trying to grasp the magnitude of the moment. With the confetti falling and a microphone in his face, he just lets it fly.

What makes this particular quote stand out to me is it’s literally the culmination of a career-long fight by Garnett to get to the top of the mountain. I might never know how that feels, so I choose to live vicariously through KG.

The year is 2002 and some Patriots fans might have been looking forward. Quite simply, this is where it all began. The most interesting part is that Madden was right, it probably was the smart decision to take a knee and take their chance in overtime. But sometimes greatness trumps logic.

Disclaimer: that isn’t the exact quote from Madden. He was mumbling and I had to clean it up a little bit.

Bonus Quote: “I’ll tell ya, what Tom Brady just did, gave me goosebumps” – John Madden.

5. “We saw a weak team…the New England Patriots, let’s face it, they’re not good anymore!”  – Trent Dilfer

Hey Trent, you are a great analyst who is always on the money with the takes…..NOT!

Ha…got him



This is the moment I decided I would take a bullet for David Ortiz, and he convinced me he would take a bullet for anybody in this city. It was before he hit close to .700 in the 2013 World Series.

I couldn’t leave this post up without including it. Ortiz transcended the game of baseball when he spoke to a city that became his home, from the depths of his heart, and dropped the most necessary F-bomb on TV in history. It’s impossible to think back on the tension and weight of the moment, but that has never phased Ortiz.


It All Started With A Red Hat

WCVB (September 2015)

CSNNE (Tom E. Curran)- I don’t know whether Brady will ever go on-the-record and “correct” Trump on his version of locker-room talk. Maybe deep down he’s thinking if he hadn’t willingly allowed Trump to glom onto him 15 years ago, he wouldn’t be dealing with this crap now.

But at the same time, Brady obviously enjoys the friendship. Fun guy, good golf, nice courses, great cigars and all that.

Saying nothing means remaining loyal to Donald Trump as a friend, protecting the brand and staying above the fray.

But saying something — even something as simple as “I didn’t like the comments…” — will be remembered longer than any cigar or round of golf.

For a man who’s been very much surrounded and formed by powerful, confident, capable women — his mother Galynn, sisters Julie, Maureen and Nancy, his wife Gisele — it’s unfathomable that Brady thinks for a nanosecond Trump’s comments aren’t a big deal.

He really ought to say so. 

Confession. I’m a big fan of Tom Brady. The reality of my life as a New England Patriots fan having already peaked is a sad one, but I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. I have Tom Brady to thank for that.

Now, let’s just say my feelings for Donald Trump land somewhere on the complete opposite side of that spectrum. So the friendship that has blossomed between the two is a bit of a sore subject for me. Ever since Brady showcased one of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats in his locker during media availability the link between the two has been the elephant in the room yet following his silent endorsement Brady has been tight-lipped on the subject.

It always made sense to me. Brady has created a brand, something that very few NFL players are able to do. The league is designed to take from the players much more than it gives. It has the least effective players association and the shortest average career length of the big four American professional sports. But Brady catapulted himself to that tier of athletes who transcend their sport into the public eye. He stayed quiet, deflected questions about Trump just like he would a question about last week’s game. Very clearly his camp identified the questions as toxic and he stayed far, far away. But now Trump has stepped directly into his life. A week following the release of Trump’s tour bus discussion with Billy Bush where they glorified sexual assault which  Trump simply wrote off as ‘locker room talk’, Trump sang Brady’s praises at a rally in New Hampshire.

Brady has been vigilant in his efforts to profess his friendship with Trump while also asking to remain out of any political discussion. This is where Brady draws the line. As Tom E. Curran wrote for Comcast Sports Net New England, this is also where Brady must acknowledge that Trump crossed that line and he would do a lot of good by coming out with a statement and peeling back the curtain a little bit.

This is where I draw the line. This is where Brady needs to step up and say something. In a way, this will always be the difference between Brady and David Ortiz, the two most important athletes of my life. Ortiz was an extravagant force in a sport that is more accessible than any other. A summer with the Red Sox dominating the sports media cycle always meant a healthy dose of Ortiz sound bites and highlights. With Brady and the Patriots, you are permanently on the outside looking in. Brady never gives you a real look behind the curtain. Now more than ever it feels like  I don’t want to know what is really going on between Brady’s ears and that’s just the way he wants it. His brand off the field is the same as the one on it.  Unflappable, charismatic, excellent. But his personal life is a lot like when he is on the field, Brady wants you to enjoy it from a distance.

Maybe I should have listened to Mike Felger after Brady’s incident with the Trump hat when he took to the radio waves to poke fun at the reluctance of Patriots fans to acknowledge that Tom Brady might be a little stranger than we would like. The truth is, Patriot’s fans don’t want to know. But Brady’s actions makes it hard to not wonder how it got to this point.